Crusade Evangelism

It is so exciting for our team to be able to share with you the importance of crusade evangelism.
While a crusade draws the masses to hear the message of the Gospel, those listening still must respond one at a time.
Our team has seen God single out and draw people to Himself in crusades all over the world.
Whether it be in a large 120,000 seat soccer stadium in Brazil, basketball civic center in Illinois or a tent in Jamaica, the results have been the same: God uses His people, the church, to share and bring those who need to make a decision, the Gospel is preached and the people respond.
Some people mock, some weep tears of joy, some go away sad, but many come and find real Life in Jesus Christ.
My prayer is that you will catch hold of God's vision to reach the whole world for Christ. One thing we all must remember is that our world begins right where we are, our home town, our city, our country!
It can be done but it will not be done unless we rise up and step out by faith.

To mobilize the Christian community to assemble as many people as possible to hear a message that Jesus Christ is "the Way the Truth and the Life''. To give opportunity for personal commitment and to refer the inquirers to churches for follow-up and nurture.

Percentage of non-members at most evangelistic events
1. Local Church Meeting - 5%
2. Neutral Site - Denominational Crusade - 15%
3. Neutral Site - United Crusade - 35%

A United Crusades Draw - 51% New Visitors Each Night!

Statistics have shown LESS THAN FIVE PERCENT of those who attend a single local church crusade are nonmembers of any church, when the meetings are held in the church building itself.
When the church joins with other churches of the same denomination to hold crusade services in some neutral place, the percentage of non-church members increases to APPROXIMATELY FIFTEEN PERCENT.
However, when churches of all the denominations unite together to hold the crusade in a neutral zone, the attendance of people affiliated with no church will rise to 35 TO 40 PERCENT.
It is also observed that during a crusade in which all denominations participate, 51 PERCENT OF THE AUDIENCE has not attended the meeting on the previous night.
These statistics seem to verify the fact that non-churched people more readily attend a crusade when it is outside of a ''church building'', and is being sponsored by the various denominations in an area. This knowledge should motivate Christian leaders to promote United Crusades as a successful method for WINNING MANY TO CHRIST WHO WOULD NOT OTHERWISE ATTEND CHURCH, rather than planning meetings based solely on the single attitude of ''What it will do for my church.''

1. THE NEEDS ARE GREAT: Never before in the history of the world has mankind been faced with such a godless society. Terrorism and materialism rule side by side. Morals and decency have been thrown aside for prosperity and pleasures. Young people and adults go from one fad to the next looking for happiness. The mood is set for a tremendous spiritual awakening.
2. THE COMMAND HAS BEEN GIVEN: Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation," Mark 16:15. ''You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you: and you shall be my witnesses, both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth," Acts 1:8. Going into all the world is not an option, we have heard the command.
3. THE TASK HAS BEEN LEFT UNDONE: In Proverbs 29:18, the Bible says without a vision the people perish. Perishing adequately describes what is happening to people all over our communities because there is no vision to reach them for Christ. In the past, men like Moody, Sunday and others have helped thousands come to know Jesus. The past, while glorious is past and our present situation finds us with a new opportunity, a new generation that has the need to hear the Good News of Salvation.
4. THE HOUR IS LATE: Before this day is over nearly 150,000 people will pass from this life into a Christless eternity. That is over 1 million people a week. Now is the time to do more than ever before to reach those who so desperately need to hear about God's love.

1. By joining together, churches have a greater impact on a community.
2. An awareness of God working builds a climate for sharing the Gospel more freely with others.
3. Meeting outside the church buildings takes away many peoples prejudices and fears so they can honestly let God's power touch them.

Mass meetings draw crowds! Steeples don't!

1. Christians will be stirred to new faith.
2. New leaders are trained and encouraged for the future.
3. Christians have an "event" to use as a tool to invite friends to come and be their guests in order that they can hear a clear message of Christ's love and plan for their lives.
4. Individual churches in the community become more visible to non church goers.
5. The harmony of the united effort is used by God to draw seekers to local religious gatherings.
6. Luke warm Christians are drawn back to the local church.
7. The lost become new believers and are nurtured into local churches for follow up.

Without the local church, crusade evangelism is impossible. En-listing as many churches as possible and mobilizing as many people in each church is a must! To implement total involvement in each area of the crusade each church is asked to have a representative responsible for every crusade activity! (choir, publicity, youth, etc.)

One of the most neglected yet rewarding areas of a crusade is in the area of follow-up and dealing with those who make decisions. This is by far the hardest work of a crusade. Proper planning and prayer can help assure that those making decisions are properly counseled and related to a local church.

1. Let a few do all the work: Set the date, get the place, then try to get others to join you.
2. Depend on platform guests to draw the crowds and bring results.
3. Focus on Christians and neglect drawing in the unsaved to the crusade services.
4. Have long, tiring and boring services.
5. Try to raise all the needed funds during the crusade.
6. Depend on other churches to do all the work and hope to reap from their labor.
7. Take Prayer lightly.

With proper planning, the budget of a crusade is no real problem. It never fails that God always provides more supplies than expected. A crusade is a step of faith. Trust must be in God for the resources.
All finances raised by and for the local crusade will be supervised by the local crusade committee, NOT the Keith Cook /ON THE GO Ministries. The local committee and their finance committee is responsible to see that bills are paid and local needs are met.
Keith Cook personally requires NO set salary or honorarium for coming and preaching in any crusade. Any money the local committee designates to K.C.E.A./ON THE GO Ministries is used to help finance overseas and pioneer crusades. All expenditures made on the local crusades behalf by K.C.E.A./ON THE GO Ministries are included in the local crusade budget that is drawn up at the beginning of the crusade process. The local crusade committee along with the Keith Cook Evangelistic Association / ON THE GO Ministries works together to form a realistic budget that fits that particular crusades needs.

The burden for a crusade often begins in the heart of one person. This person could be you. Share concern with others, one at a time and pray. Then meet with pastors and laypeople and secure support before seeking group sponsorship. At this point most of the group probably thinks a crusade is a good idea-There are still many questions.
At this point our team should be allowed to come in and share on crusade evangelism and answer questions before the group goes any further. Then after a vote to proceed, the crusade process begins with step by step planning. Please remember not everyone will join in on your united effort but God will draw those He wants to participate.

1. Counselor Training
2. Pre-Crusade Rally
3. Youth Rallies
4. Monthly Meeting of Crusade Committees
5. Pastor & Laymen School of Evangelism
6. Team Members Available To Speak, Sing
7. Crusade Banquet (Optional)
8. Activities: Strategic Points Prayer
9. Crusade Walk
10. Prayer Walking
11. Survey & Mapping
12. Neighborhood Outreach Programs
13. Children's Events

Most crusades are 3 to 6 days, Sunday evening to Wednesday evening or Thusday/Friday to Sunday. Cooperating churches are asked to TRANSFER their Sunday evening meetings to the united service.

1. Prayer
2. Arrangements
3. Finance
4. Counseling/Follow-up
5. Youth/Men/Women/Children
6. Music/Choir
7. Outreach
8. Ministers
9. Publicity
10. Ushers- Parking

*Administrative Committee (Chairmen, Secretary, Treasurer)*

(These committees will work under the direction of the local minister and with the help of the Crusade Executive Committee. Each participating church can organize and add more groups as needed. We advise that the Crusade Executive Committee be informed.)
Local Church Committee is made up of their selected Leader (Choir, Women's, Youth/Student Finance, Usher, Outreach, Counseling, Men's, Children)

1. Choir Leader
Summary of Committee Purpose: To enlist a choir of ________ volunteers. Talented men and women from every church will want to be involved.
Responsibilities of the Church Leader: Enlist choir members from your church, remembering that some who do not currently sing in the church choir may wish to participate in the Crusade choir. Men and youth are especially needed to sing each night in the choir.
Leadership Qualifications: Vital interest in choral music. Capable of recruiting others--contagious enthusiasm (might be the choir director, president of the choir or the organist).

2. Counseling and Follow-up Leader
Summary of Committee Purpose: To enlist a Counseling group of __________ volunteers; To enlist a Follow-up group of __________ volunteers. To encourage spiritual growth and development through attendance at Counselor Training classes. To challenge the Christians to be involved in personal evangelism. To foster interest in Christians to aid in the counseling process at the Crusade meetings.
Responsibilities of the Church Leader: Promote and encourage attendance by the whole congregation at the Counselor Training classes. Clarify information and personalize the invitation to attend the classes, especially to the leadership within the church (Sunday school teachers, elders, deacons, board members etc.).
Leadership Qualifications: A spiritually mature believer with a real concern for Christian training and personal evangelism. A person with the ability to communicate.

3. Finance Leader
Summary of Committee Purpose: Personal contributions are the primary source of meeting the budget established by the local Executive Committee to meet the expenses of this Crusade. Every concerned Christian in the congregation will be given the opportunity to give in advance of the Crusade meetings on a personal basis--not by the church assessments.
Responsibilities of the Church Leader: Establish a financial goal for your church in consultation with the minister. To meet local financial goal of _________ to be raised before the crusade. Supervise the achieving of that objective using the approach best suited to your congregation. Serve with the Finance Committee as an information source and as a communicator of the Crusade's purposes.
Leadership Qualifications: Spiritual maturity with a deep concern for evangelism. Respected in the church and community. Experience in working on fund drives--ability to ask others to contribute.

4. Outreach Leader
Summary of Committee Purpose: To organize and motivate Christians to identify uncommitted and unchurched persons, pray daily for them, build bridges of friendship and take them to Crusade meetings. To organize and spearhead a pre-Crusade Strategic Points Prayer Program, Crusade Walk Visitation Program - making a threshold visit to every family in your church neighborhood and to give Crusade literature freely with a personal invitation to attend Crusade meetings, Prayer Walking and Mapping Outreach Program.
Responsibilities of the Church Leader: Assist the pastor in communicating the On The Go Outreach concept and seek to enlist every member of the congregation. Implement a nightly delegation plan and arrange transportation for those delegations from the church and neighborhood.
Leadership Qualifications: Involvement in personal evangelism with the ability to recruit others. Enthusiasm in communications. One who sets an example by participating in the On The Go Outreach Program. Persistence and efficiency in carrying out the work at hand.

5. Usher Leader
Summary of Committee Purpose: To recruit and train ___ Crusade ushers. To serve and warmly greet the audience as they arrive. To guide them to appropriate seating. To distribute materials. To receive the evening offering.
Responsibilities of the Church Leader: Work with the Head Usher of your church to enlist the entire ushering staff. Pre-enroll as many other members of the congregation as possible.
Leadership Qualifications: A proven leader who is personable and outgoing(possibly your church's Head Usher). Sound health. Experience in church ushering.

6. Women's Leader
Summary of Committee Purpose: To enlist prayer support among women, individually, and by neighborhood Home Prayer Groups. To give leadership to the formation of Nurture Group Bible Studies.
Responsibilities of the Church Leader: Enlist hostesses who will open their homes for a neighborhood prayer ministry. Give leadership in the preparation and implementation of the Nurture Groups (small group Bible studies). Encourage involvement of women of the congregation in a meaningful Crusade activity.
Leadership Qualifications: A mature Christian leader with organizational ability. A woman with a pleasing manner and attractive personality.

7. Youth/Student Leader
Summary of Committee Purpose: To obtain maximum participation by church youth in pre-Crusade functions. To pray and work for maximum attendance by unchurched youth at the Crusade meetings.
Responsibilities of the Church Leader: Inspire and involve church youth in pre-Crusade activities. Give leadership in outreach to unchurched friends. Recruit the involvement of the Youth/Student Groups in areas of Counseling and Follow-Up, Outreach, Publicity, Music and Ushering.
Leadership Qualifications: Adult advisor or church leader with greatest influence among high school and college students. Mature Christian leader with organizational and administrative abilities.

8. Mens Leader
Summary of Committee Purpose: To enlist prayer support among men individually and corporately in the church, in business and industry, and in the family.
Responsibilities of the Church Leader: Enlist men of the congregation to pray individually and in corporate groups for the Crusade. Give leadership in the preparation and implementation of Nurture Groups (small group Bible studies). Encourage involvement of men of the congregation in a meaningful Crusade activity.
Leadership Qualifications: A mature Christian leader with organizational ability. A man of high integrity, cordial in manner and personality.

9. Children's Leader
Summary of Committee Purpose: To obtain maximum participation by church children in pre-Crusade functions. To pray and work for maximum attendance by unchurched children at the Crusade meetings.
Responsibilities of the Church Leader: Inspire and involve church children in pre-Crusade activities. Give leadership in outreach to unchurched friends.
Leadership Qualifications: Church leader with greatest influence among children and their parents. Mature Christian leader with organizational and administrative abilities.

Administrative Committee (Members of the Executive Committe)
Keith Cook and the K.C.E.A. Crusade Director are Members of the
Administrative Committee

Working Committee Chairmen (Members of the Executive Committee)
Counseling & Follow-up

Members-at-Large - Congregational Chairperson (One from each Participating Church are Members of the Executive Committee)

K.C.E.A./On The Go GOALS
Depending on God we have the following goals:
To win as many adults and young people as possible to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.
To help train and mobilize the church in effective evangelism, follow-up and church growth methods.
To motivate and encourage the next genration of young evangelists to "do the work of the evangelist!"

"O God in Mercy bless us; let your face beam with joy as you look down at us. Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind." Psalm 67:1,2

"Look among the nations. Observe. Be astonished. Wonder. Because I am doing something in your days.. You would not believe it if you were told." Habakkuk 1:5