Haiti Emergency Update
INFORMATION GATHERED TO DATE: (From Joan Cook) State Department: They used the word "catastrophic and catastrophy" many times. Many and most buildings have collapsed or been affected in some way in and around the city of PAP. Airport tower is flattened. Advising that only authorized personnel to assist in aid travel to Haiti when commercial airlines resume flights. They do not want more people in country that will use up needed supplies that could go to victims, such as food and water. Also, aftershocks could occur and they do not want more non-priority people in country than necessary. Military personnel are being sent to aid with victims and help with security. Senator Bob Corkers office: Strongly recommended that we postpone trip scheduled. They said that even if commercial airlines begin flying before our trip, that think it best that only those who find it "absolutely necessary" go into country at this time even if going into others cities across Haiti. Becky Scott about David Heady (missionary friend living right outside of PAP): His description of the city was dismal and full of death. He said everything is affected and it is devastating. He had many people come to his base requesting medical attention with broken bones protruding through their skin. He said airport tower was leveled and that an American Airlines plane was in the country at the time of the quake and officials gave it clearance to take off at 6pm last night. American Airlines: Flights cancelled until further notice. They hope to be flying back in country around Jan 22. This will depend on communications at the airport and recommendations from officials in Haiti. John Vrooman in Les Cayes: LesCayes felt tremors but seems to be OK otherwise. No electricity.

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