Our Zambia mission is right around the corner! With multiple missions, ministries, and partnerships we are planning for a huge one city Gospel saturation blitz.

There are 19 evangelists, musicians, action sports athletes, teachers, and missionaries flying in from all over the World.

This truly is an outreach that has the potential to affect, not only a nation, but an entire continent.

Right now I want to ask you to join our team as a strategic prayer warrior. We have learned down through the years how important prayer is to the success of any mission we are doing.

  • Pray that the team arrives at the airport COVID free.
  • Pray that all flights are flying and everyone arrives safe and on time.
  • Pray for unity and open doors to inspire the church and win the lost.
  • Pray for lives to be changed and souls saved as we share the Gospel.
  • Pray for the followup of those who come to faith in Christ.
  • We still need you to financially help us continue to bring the life saving message of Christ to the world free of charge. The cost is great, but stopping the work of Christ is not an option.

As a young boy I made a commitment to “Go, wherever God could not find anyone else to Go” and I am still trying to be faithful to that commitment. People all over the world are looking for answers and direction. Jesus is the Way!

Thank you in advance for praying for us and supporting us as we go for Christ.

You are also in our prayers and on our mind. May God bless, keep you safe, and bless you,

Keith & Joan