It is a wonderful time to be a believer. It also is a wonderful time to be seeking to do the Lord’s will. While those around us are often living in fear and uncertainty we know we have a mighty God working on our behalf. He has not given us “a spirit of fear” – so give the devil back all that fear. We have real power and protection in Jesus name. 

We are excited about our upcoming On The Go Festivals in three cities in Nevada; Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, Spring Creek. 

We have volunteers coming from Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Illinois, Iowa, and Idaho to help us share house-to-house and in the Festival. Our team has been working tirelessly over the past year and we are trusting God to do great and mighty things.

The Nashville Good News Festival we collaborated on last month was a great success. God performed a miracle, holding off the rain just long enough for us to share the Good News in sermon, song, and one on one. Joan was able to lead one young man to faith in Christ who had “NEVER” heard about Jesus. It was so precious! His joy was so real and tender. 

Our Festival and School of Evangelism in Burkina Faso was well received. Our partner evangelists from Nigeria were able to get into the country and set up all the equipment and arrangements for us to live stream our training and services. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit is using technology to spread the Gospel. 

We also just received final approval for a prison festival at a local Nashville prison on June 25. (in partnership with my home church). 

In all we do, in genuine Christian love, we hope and pray that it will provide a proper platform so we can effectively share the Good News in Word and deed. Your prayers and God’s provision is making this happen all over the world. 

At this time, you can be a real blessing to us and all of our outreaches by making a donation, as the Lord leads. We want you to be a part of all we do, in prayer, and, if possible – in person!