Billy Graham Evangelism Training

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is pleased to announce the INAUGURAL EVANGELISM INTENSIVE at the recently renovated and soon to be reopened Billy Graham Library (connected with the new Billy Graham Archive and Research Center) –on March 9, 2023. 

As you know, for many years the BGEA hosted Schools of Evangelism, 5 to 7 each year, all over North America, attended by hundreds and thousands of pastors and wives at each. Franklin Graham has encouraged the renewal of these. The first one will be at the new premier location, Billy Kim Hall, at the Billy Graham Library, 4330 Westmont Dr., Charlotte, North Carolina.

It is exciting for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to serve Jesus’ church in this way again. 

All who attend will have a blessed memory of being at the first historic Billy Graham Evangelism Intensive for their generation.

Please contact us if you have any questions:


Happy New Year From On The Go

As we enter the new year the On The Go Team would like to wish you a Happy New Year. We pray you have a productive year sharing the Good News with all you meet. May God bless you and keep you and your family safe, healthy, and joyful.

Pray for Keith At North Carolina Evangelists Retreat

Keith will be sharing at the North Carolina Baptist Evangelist Fellowship Retreat on Thursday and Friday (January 12 & 13) on ”How to Help Local Churches with their outreach program” and “Doing The Work of the Evangelist.” Please pray for him and all the participants.

OTG in Chiang Mai

The first night of the OTG Thailand Festival!
Many gathered to have fun, hear great music, and hear the Good News!

Chiang Mai, Thailand, October 10-18

We are excited about our upcoming On The Go Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand, October 10-18. We have evangelists and volunteers coming to help us share the Good News about Jesus at the Festival.

Our team and collaboration partners have worked tirelessly over the past year. They are trusting God to do great and mighty things.

On The Go Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand, October 10-18

This area-wide On The Go Festival is a massive three-night open-air festival with international bands, feats of strength demonstrations, and many Gospel presentations daily.

We are sponsoring 30 pastors from Cambodia to attend our 2-Day Evangelism Conference (Camp) along with many pastors and evangelists from Thailand. The leaders are excited that we will be sharing and teaching about various outreach methods and strategies.

We also will be reaching out and blessing area churches by sending our team to their churches to encourage, motivate, bless and fellowship with them on Sunday morning.

We have many outreach programs that will be going on in various communities, including youth rallies, children’s home programs, children’s feeding programs, and the distribution of clothing.

We need your prayers as we share the Word of God in Thailand. We know that with your prayers and God’s provision, we will see many people come to faith in Christ.

You can be a real blessing to us by also making a donation, as the Lord leads. We want you to be a part of what God is doing there.

Together we can be a part of an extraordinary move of God in Thailand.

Joan and I appreciate you!

In His Service, Keith

Special Thanks To Our Thailand Collaboration Partners

  • Luis Palau Association
  • Global Network of Evangelists
  • LifeLight
  • Street Chaplains
  • The Xtreme Team
  • White Ribbon Day
  • MASY Ministries
  • GUM Ministry
  • IGMF

Pray For The International Team

  • Keith Cook – Evangelist – On The Go Ministries
  • Rick Willison – Evangelist – The Xtreme Team
  • Alan Greene – Evangelist – LifeLight Ministry and GNE Associate
  • Josh Brewer – Evangelist – LifeLight Ministry CEO
  • Matt Kearney – Evangelist – On The Go Ministries and Founder of Street Chaplains
  • Mark Young – Evangelist and Missionary – MASY Ministries – USA & Zambia
  • Tish Young – Evangelist and Missionary – MASY Ministries – USA & Zambia
  • Keegan Brady – Missionary to Thailand – Global Network of Evangelists
  • Josh Soal – Evangelist – Global Network of Evangelists – South Africa
  • Jock Moore – Evangelist – GUM Ministry – USA & Thailand
  • Zach Blickens – Recording Artist- White Ribbon Day and Evangelist – On The Go
  • Sarah Blickens – Recording Artist – White Ribbon Day and On The Go
  • Kailah Blickens – Recording Artist -White Ribbon Day and Evangelist – On The Go
  • Sierra Zurcher – Recording Artist – White Ribbon Day and On The Go – USA & Europe
  • Pierre Zurcher Audio Engineer – White Ribbon Day and On The Go – USA & Europe
  • David Brandon – Evangelist – USA Festival Director and Vice President of On The Go Ministries – Keith Cook Team
  • Manop Moonsri – Festival Coordinator – International Event and Concert Promotion – Thailand