We are On The Go to California & Nevada for Jesus!

It is a wonderful time to be a believer. It also is a wonderful time to be seeking to do the Lord’s will. While those around us are often living in fear and uncertainty we know we have a mighty God working on our behalf. He has not given us “a spirit of fear” – so give the devil back all that fear. We have real power and protection in Jesus name. 

We are excited about our upcoming On The Go Festivals in three cities in Nevada; Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, Spring Creek. 

We have volunteers coming from Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Illinois, Iowa, and Idaho to help us share house-to-house and in the Festival. Our team has been working tirelessly over the past year and we are trusting God to do great and mighty things.

The Nashville Good News Festival we collaborated on last month was a great success. God performed a miracle, holding off the rain just long enough for us to share the Good News in sermon, song, and one on one. Joan was able to lead one young man to faith in Christ who had “NEVER” heard about Jesus. It was so precious! His joy was so real and tender. 

Our Festival and School of Evangelism in Burkina Faso was well received. Our partner evangelists from Nigeria were able to get into the country and set up all the equipment and arrangements for us to live stream our training and services. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit is using technology to spread the Gospel. 

We also just received final approval for a prison festival at a local Nashville prison on June 25. (in partnership with my home church). 

In all we do, in genuine Christian love, we hope and pray that it will provide a proper platform so we can effectively share the Good News in Word and deed. Your prayers and God’s provision is making this happen all over the world. 

At this time, you can be a real blessing to us and all of our outreaches by making a donation, as the Lord leads. We want you to be a part of all we do, in prayer, and, if possible – in person!

God is Moving in Battle Mountain, Nevada

Wow, God is definitely moving as we take the message outside the walls of the church and into neighborhoods, large and small.

Our mission to Battle Mountain, Nevada was a huge success. There were so many wonderful and life-changing encounters with Jesus. Thank you for your prayers.

Many of the local believers and leaders had no idea that the Gospel could impact their city so substantially in such a short time. People were coming to faith in Christ on street corners, at their door, in the park, at the festival, and in church services.

This morning I am in line to get a COVID test so I can fly Saturday to Nigeria to speak at two massive Evangelism Conferences. My good friend and fellow evangelist, Alan Greene, will be joining me and together we will share with 1000 pastors in Abuja and 1000 evangelists in Ilorin.

Pray for us both, as most of the international speakers were unable to get Visas to travel to Nigeria but, thanks to the Lord, we were able to get our visas. We will be speaking, sharing, training, and meeting with leaders non-stop.

Joan and I will be sharing at Lifest Music City today at 3:00 and again on Friday. It is exciting to see God moving in our home town. We are honored to be speaking to our fellow Tennesseans about the love of Jesus.

It is going to take a massive amount of prayer, resources, and the power of God to make all this happen and we need you to join our team on the front lines of these outreaches. Every prayer you pray, every donation you make, every time you talk with others about what we are going and doing, makes an eternal impact.

Thank you for taking time to pray for us and to join with us in this ministry. You are definitely in our prayers and on our hearts. We appreciate your standing with us.

God bless you, Keith & Joan

Zambia April 12-26, 2022

Our Zambia mission is right around the corner! With multiple missions, ministries, and partnerships we are planning for a huge one city Gospel saturation blitz.

There are 19 evangelists, musicians, action sports athletes, teachers, and missionaries flying in from all over the World.

This truly is an outreach that has the potential to affect, not only a nation, but an entire continent.

Right now I want to ask you to join our team as a strategic prayer warrior. We have learned down through the years how important prayer is to the success of any mission we are doing.

  • Pray that the team arrives at the airport COVID free.
  • Pray that all flights are flying and everyone arrives safe and on time.
  • Pray for unity and open doors to inspire the church and win the lost.
  • Pray for lives to be changed and souls saved as we share the Gospel.
  • Pray for the followup of those who come to faith in Christ.
  • We still need you to financially help us continue to bring the life saving message of Christ to the world free of charge. The cost is great, but stopping the work of Christ is not an option.

As a young boy I made a commitment to “Go, wherever God could not find anyone else to Go” and I am still trying to be faithful to that commitment. People all over the world are looking for answers and direction. Jesus is the Way!

Thank you in advance for praying for us and supporting us as we go for Christ.

You are also in our prayers and on our mind. May God bless, keep you safe, and bless you,

Keith & Joan